July 1st
Oil poisoned Gulf Coast SOS to nation::TheExaminer.com
In desperation, Louisianans at Ground Zero in the crude oil-caused humanitarian disaster are sending an SOS to 41 states. Doctors sent an SOS to the nation last week due to dire need for medical assistance where American genocide for oil and military control is occurring. The deadly "BP Gulf War Syndrome" is impacting more locals daily.

“Abita S.O.S. is a message in a bottle. It is a distress signal we’re sending out all across the 41 states where Abita is sold," writes Best of New Orleans blogger, Alex Woodward

As the Gulf is "swallowed whole by BP’s oil disaster," a Louisiana small town brewery is debuting S.O.S. — A Charitable Pilsner

Abita Brewery is donating 75 cents from every bottle sold as part of its companion campaign, S.O.S. — A Charitable Fund administered by Northshore Community Foundation.

In Louisiana, "Northshore" refers to communities north of Lake Ponchartrain, including Abita Springs, home of Abita Brewery.

"It is going to raise awareness and money” according to Abita Brewery president David Blossman in a company statement.

Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board is to help the brewery contribute its funds where help is most needed.

More evidence of the military-industrial complex secretly gassing Americans in the Gulf Coast region emerged last week prompting Ground Zero doctors' plea for help to save lives.

Three times a many people as previously reported are suffering BP's "Gulf War Syndrome" since its clean-up-cover-up began.

The sick are not receiving medical attention due to BP's marketing campaign, as locals explained at the 1st Gulf Emergency Summit held in New Orleans. Another Gulf Emergency Summit meeting is being held this week.

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