July 14th
Gulf Relief in a Bottle: Abita’s Charitable Pilsner
Nearing the third month into the Gulf oil spill (count 'em, 85 days), we couldn't be more frustrated: If you're like us, you lie awake at night, wondering what will cap that damn thing; you may have even considered driving down to scrub a flock of oily pelicans, if only to get the images out of your head. And while this is likely not an option for most of you -- no matter how hard you beg your boss to fund a charity trip -- by the end of this month, all you'll have to do is drink.

In connection with the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, New Orleans-beloved Abita beer has announced a special brew for relief and restoration efforts: SOS -- A Charitable Pilsner.

The golden-hued, 22-oz 7% ABV is an unfiltered Weizen Pils described as having a "sweet malt flavor with a pleasant bitterness and aroma." Now in its final leg of aging, it's slated to be shipped out by the end of July, available wherever Abita beer is sold -- including a to-be released list of participating restaurants.

The bottles will feature hand-drawn shrimp, boats, pelicans and other Gulf coast fishing icons arranged in "SOS," in this case meaning "Save Our Shores."

Seventy-five cents from each Charitable Pilsner sold will go directly to the SOS Fund. As to where those dollars will then go: "We're going to be very flexible," says an Abita representative. "We want to support relief efforts both large and small, and get the money where it needs to go...to fishermen, to the environment."

Alcohol-prohibited philanthropists can still buy merchandise (hats, tees, car decals, pins, magnets) online, all of which will donate 100% of profits to the fund. The SOS campaign's corresponding website will also serve as a message board for spreading hope, sharing stories and, understandably, blowing off steam.

A similar effort was previously launched after Hurricane Katrina, resulting in over half a million dollars. So get drinking -- better yet, have a relief party.

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