July 1st
SOS: Beer sales to help Gulf oil relief efforts::WOAI, San Antonio, TX
METAIRIE, Louisiana (NBC News Channel) -- Abita Beer has released a specialty brew in bottles labeled with pelicans, fish and birds spelling out "S.O.S.", or "Save Our Shore."

It's part of a Louisiana fundraising campaign to help those impacted by the Gulf oil spill.

"We just thought that hit home more than anything. Cause what it is, is a distress call. And we're in distress," said David Blossman of Abita.

Abita and the Louisiana Seafood Marketing Board are combining their local flavors to spearhead the campaign, with the 22 ounce specialty pilsner as the top fundraising item.

It's available in 41 states nationwide.

"After the cameras are gone and the limelights are no longer here, it will be on the shelves and grocery stores and liquor stores and in bars and restaurants. You can't miss it when you look at it," Blossman said.

Seventy-five cents of each bear sold and 100 percent of merchandise sales go directly to the charity, which will then be managed by the Northshore Foundation.

"For the consumer to get that message in your hands in 41 states across the U.S. is a great way for us to have national outreach," said Ewell Smith of the Louisiana Seafood Marketing Board. "I'm going to be on the advisory committee to make sure the money is going to the right places. I know they want to get that money to fishermen, and also coastal restoration and fixing our coast."

The Abita S.O.S. will hit the market in mid-July.

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